Saturday, May 19, 2012

Three Dead Judases

An actor playing Judas Iscariot in The Passion of the Christ accidentally hung himself onstage on Good Friday, during his suicide scene. Tiago Klimeck, 27, was taken to a hospital where he later died from extensive brain injury. 
Tragic but not unique. Over the past 15 years, two other unfortunate actors have died while portraying the world's most infamous betrayer. 
On April 22, 2000, another Judas, 23 year old Renato Di Paolo, was strangled by his prop noose during the Passion play, Way of the Cross, in the small Italian village of Camerata Nuova.
And in 1997, British actor Anthony Wheeler died onstage while reenacting Judas' suicide, in a Greek production of Jesus Christ Superstar. He had failed to properly connect his safety harness. 

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Exposed Loaf of Bread

While walking the dog down Centre Street early this morning, we spotted this beautiful loaf of bread sitting on top of a car all by itself. Not only is it not in a bag, it's sitting directly on the roof of the car, not on a paper towel or a napkin or anything. Totally exposed.