Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scented Puzzles

Imagine yourself on some rainy summer evening, tackling a brand new 300 piece jigsaw puzzle. Little by little, starting with the outer edges, you begin to assemble a lovely pastoral scene of an apple orchard. As you handle the smooth, wooden pieces, flipping them around in your fingers and fitting them snugly together, you are forming the image of a basket brimming with the ripe, red fruit. You can almost smell the sweet, crisp scent of MacIntosh apples on a fall day in New England. No, wait; you really can smell apples. It's coming from those puzzle pieces you've been handling. Move over Smencils. Behold the scented puzzle.

A partnership between Yankee Candle and Hasbro has produced a trio of pleasantly pungent puzzles, each with 300 pieces and each selling for a suggested retail prices of only $9.99. Inside the aromatic packages, buyers will find a $10.00 coupon redeemable at Yankee Candle.

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