Thursday, April 23, 2009

Kids Fear End of World

As we recycle, conserve, preserve and do whatever else we can think of to "greenify" our homes, schools and lives, children are getting the invaluable message that the Earth is vulnerable. But that message is making some kids nervous about the future. A survey conducted earlier this month, finds that one out of three children, aged 6 through 11, fear that the planet won't exist when they grow up and more than half believe that the Earth will not be as nice a place to live.

  • Hurricanes and tornadoes are the natural disasters that most worry half of the 500 children polled.
  • Clean drinking water was a big concern. Nearly a quarter of all children polled are afraid that there is not enough for everyone on the planet.
  • Penguins, polar bears and other species becoming extinct, is the biggest environmental fear for another 28%.
"I am more committed than ever to help educate children around the globe in a way that is not scary to them," says Sharon Lowe, founder of Habitat Heroes, an ecologically-themed, playful and educational webiste targeted toward children aged 6 - 14. "Hopefully Habitat Heroes fills a void and gives us the opportunity to raise awareness in ways that children embrace to maintain a healthy and beautiful planet."

This report presents the findings of a telephone survey conducted by CARAVAN Opinion Research Corporation, using a national sample of 500 children (half boys, half girls) ages 6-11, living in private households in the Continental United States. The poll was completed during the period of April 3-7, 2009.


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