Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Rentable Ear

Have you heard? March is International Listening Awareness Month. Defined by the International Listening Association as "the process of receiving, constructing meaning from and responding to spoken and/or non-verbal messages," listening is at the root of all communication.
If you're not lucky enough to have a first-rate listener on hand next time you feel like venting, there is a new service that can help. Consider confiding in one of the non-judgemental, polite and professional listeners at We Just Listen? For just a dollar a minute, any time of day or night, you can count on a supportive, receptive ear on the other end of the line. We Just Listen is completely anonymous. Even your listener won't know who you are.
"I've found that needing to talk and not being able to has been a major source of frustration in my life." says Robert Connerley, company founder. "We Just Listen offers something that can't always be attained from a friend or a loved one -- the opportunity to speak frankly and openly to
an unbiased empathetic listener."

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