Friday, February 20, 2009

MSPCA Top Dogs Take Home Over $200,000

The Boston Globe reports that, despite a financial downfall which is forcing the MSPCA to close three shelters, downsize several programs and eliminate a total of 46 positions, four of the non-profit's top officials are earning upwards of $200,000 annually. MSPCA spokesman, Brian Adams explains the generous salaries to the Globe. "We have to attract the right talent, and we have to remain competitive. We can't remain competitive by asking people to work for free."Free? Isn't there something between six figures and free? Actually, the MSPCA does ask people to work for free. Every day shelter volunteers clean out cages, feed, water and exercise animals, assist with adoptions and perform any number of necessary hands-on tasks to keep the operation going. Could they be spending their time elsewhere, padding their income? Sure. But, because of their dedication to animals, they choose not to.
The MSPCA is funded by memberships, private donations and fees for services such as veterinary care. It receives no state or federal funding. The Society's website states, "When you give your money, time or energy to the MSPCA-Angell, you can be sure you are having a very real impact on very real animals as well as on the issues that determine the quality of human and animal lives - today and in the future." Well, that's true; donations are certainly improving the quality of human life for the big four at the MSPCA.

Image by Bubamara. Available at Wikimedia Commons.

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