Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Free Treats for First Pup

When I read that Wagatha's, a Vermont-based maker of organic dog treats, is offering to donate four years worth of premium treats to the yet-to-be-adopted first pet, my first reaction was, why give something away free to people who certainly don't need anyone's charity? Aren't there shelters filled with needy dogs, who would love to sink their teeth into one of Wagatha's certified organic, certified kosher biscuits baked with human-grade ingredients and available in six chef-inspired flavors? As I read on, however, I learned that Wagatha's owners, Neil Reilly and Norman Levitz already had that covered. Last year, they donated over 2000 pounds of treats to canine-friendly causes such as shelters, rescues organizations and therapy dog programs. In addition, if the Obama family adopts a shelter or rescue dog, Wagatha's will take care of that group with a steady stream of treats. So, if Wagatha's grabs some publicity by pampering what will already be a pampered pet, who am I to judge? Besides, do I really think that the President pays for his pet supplies with his own personal money? No, we, the taxpayers do. So, actually, Wagatha's is doing us all a service by picking up our dog treat tab for the next four years. Thanks guys!
Illustration courtesy of http://www.clker.com/

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