Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Very "Bat" Idea

Here's a nice pre-Halloween story. A pet cat in Stevensville Montana presented his mistress with a dead bat. The woman, a nurse and mother of two, decided it would be fun to bring the bat corpse with her when she dropped her children off at school the next day. The students in her younger child's kindergarten class were so excited to see the dead creature, some of them even stuck their fingers in its mouth. The kids in her fifth-grader's class were equally impressed. Then, the mom exhibited her bat in other classrooms, five in all. A total of around 80 children were treated to a touch. The bat was such a hit that, after leaving the school, the mom stopped by a soccer field and showed it to more people. Later that day, the school nurse got wind of the situation. A notice was quickly dispatched to parents. The bat body was confiscated and taken to a lab for testing. The results came back positive. The show-and-tell bat had rabies. Parents were called and informed that their children would need a rabies vaccination, a series of 5 shots given over a month's time.
The cost of the treatments could run as high as $800 per student. The school's insurance policy will cover up to $70,000.
In an effort to prevent something like this from ever happening again, the school has enacted a new policy requiring that all visitors to the school obtain a pass from the office!

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