Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cutout Dissection.com

There's more than one way to skin a cat. In the last post, we read about a scholarly collection of essays on animal ethics, eloquently defending the non-human animal as our moral equivalent. Today, we read about another defender of all creatures great and small, Cutout Dissection.com. What is it? Actually, the proper question would be, who is she? Cutout is a 19 year old PETA intern. She shed her former name, Jennifer Thornburg, in an effort to draw attention to her pet cause, eliminating animal dissection in school labs.

Every year, 6,000,000 animals are killed for use as dissection props in anatomy and biology labs. Cutout argues that alternatives, such as computer simulations, diagrams, or 3D models, could be used instead - and more economically. What's worse, these animals often suffer painful deaths which I won't elaborate on here. But for more information, you know where to go: www.cutoutdissection.com

So, her Norfolk Virginia driver's license reads Dissection.com, Cutout, But do people really call Cutout "Cutout?" According to this interview, her PETA pals actually do call her Cutout. But to her family, she's still Jenny.

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