Friday, August 29, 2008

It's Perfectly Normal

JoAn Karkos is going about things the wrong way. This grandmother from Lewiston Maine is facing jail time over her refusal to return a library book. The book in question, It's Perfectly Normal: Changing Bodies, Growing up, Sex and Sexual Help, is geared toward 9 to twelve year olds and covers such topics as masturbation and sexually transmitted diseases, complete with illustrations of naked cartoon people. Ms. Karkos has kept the book for more than a year. She believes that, by refusing to return the library's property, she will be able to stop the children of Lewiston from reading what she calls a "sex initiation book." But, thanks to her efforts, the book is more available than ever. Since the brouhaha hit, multiple copies have been donated to the library and now five children at a time can check it out. 
Karkos, 64, was ordered, by a judge in civil court, to return the book by 4:00 today or face possible incarceration. 
By the way, there is precedent for this. In February of this year, Keely Givhan, of Beloit Wisconsin, spent six days in jail when she was unable to pay the late charges on her overdue books. 

The city of Lewiston has decided not to lock up Karkos. Instead, they are charging her $100 and barring her from the library until she pays the debt. Karkos has not yet decided if she will comply.

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