Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lincoln deserves more respect.

This was the message left on a promotional poster for a political mural created by street artist Ron English.

The commissioned mural, displayed along a construction wall in Boston's South End, consists of a series of multi-colored portraits, each melding the faces of Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama. Soaring 13 feet high and running nearly a block long, the mural, entitled "Abraham Obama" hardly seems to need a full-press ad campaign. But inspired fans of the artist, armed with miniature prints of the portrait, fanned out around the South End, plastering every available surface with "Abraham Obamas."
So, on my way to work, I saw one of these mini-posters on an electrical box, with the hand-written note reading, "Lincoln deserves more respect," stuck between the image's eyes. I wasn't sure if the note-writer was complaining about the unauthorized placement of the poster or the blending of Lincoln's features with Obama's.

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