Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Jackpot Fantasies

If you won a large sum of money tomorrow, would you tell anyone? Would you tell your spouse? If you said, "No way!" you're not alone. A survey conducted by revealed that nearly 15 percent of 2000 randomly chosen respondents would keep their new-found fortune all to themselves. That means, of the 2,000 adults asked, 300 of them would attempt to deceive their husband or wife by hiding life-altering amounts of money from them. One can only imagine what secret, hedonistic pleasures they would spend it on.

People surveyed spent an average of about twelve minutes a day fantasizing about winning a fortune. This seems innocuous enough until you run the numbers. Twelve minutes a day works out to almost one and a half hours a week, three days a year and six months of one's life. Surprisingly, for respondents who spend such substantial amounts of time dreaming about easy street, only 10 percent say that they would quit their jobs. 

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